The Toyota GR Yaris high-powered turbo three-cylinder engine and all-wheel-drive system reportedly fits the Yaris Cross SUV. So why isn’t it being built? 
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The Toyota Yaris Cross city SUV looks ready for anything, with its high-riding stance and nimble appearance.

Yes, we know this image above is an artist impression of what a possible tie-up with Subaru could look like. Fingers crossed that happens, because it could lead to a Toyota GR Yaris Cross.

However, for now it seems Toyota has decided its newest model is not ready to handle the high-powered drivetrain from the Toyota GR Yaris hot hatch. Well, that's the official answer at least.

While Toyota says it wants to expand its GR performance line-up – and overseas reports claim a Toyota GR Corolla is in the works – for now the company claims it is yet to turn its attention to a performance version of its compact SUV.

At the media preview for the Toyota Yaris Cross city SUV, which is due to go on sale in Australia this week, executives were asked about any possible plans for a GR version of the company’s smallest and newest SUV.

Car company executives are well trained in holding their cards close to their chest but in this instance the response came quickly, rather than following an awkward pause, a possible indicator there could be plans afoot.

Unfortunately, the sales and marketing boss of Toyota Australia Sean Hanley got straight to the point: “No plans that I'm aware of for a GR Yaris Cross. But we’re very happy to be bringing the GR Yaris (to) the market in the next month, but nothing that I'm aware of in terms of the Yaris Cross in that space.”

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