UPDATE, November 3: It's all over. Your chance to buy the 1993 Ford is now extinct. After 47 bids, a buyer has secured the Jurassic Park Explorer for US$18,500 (A$26,393).
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No word on how much it will cost to ship to Isla Nublar though...

On the fancy-dressiest day of the year, it seems fitting to draw attention to a 1993 Ford Explorer which has been modified as a tribute to the ill-fated ‘wild life tour’ vehicles from the 1993 film, Jurassic Park.

What’s more, the customised Explorer is for sale on US time-erasing window-shopping auction portal, Bring a Trailer.

Unlike the ‘third-rail’ style autonomous electric vehicles in the movie, this, like all other 1993 Explorers, is powered by a 4.0-litre pushrod ‘Cologne’ V6 with 119kW and 305Nm.

The Jurassic Park Ford represents the final-year run of the first-gen UN46 Explorer, which sold over one-million examples over its three-year run. Meaning that should you wish to source one to form the basis of a movie-car replica, there might be a few around.

Worth noting too, that it doesn't end well for either of the Ford Explorers in the film, so building a replica is the only options fans have.

This particular Explorer XLT, shows 56k miles (90,000km) on the odometer (it has a five-digit display so could be 156,000 or 956,000), and was originally finished in Mocha Frost Metallic (a very fancy way of saying beige).

The car has been professionally wrapped to match the pair of Explorers from the movie.

A front bulbar, driving lamps and rear lamp guards have also been added, as have the correct BF Goodrich tyres, yellow 15-inch wheels and passenger-side ‘spot lamp’.

"Spared no expense"? Well maybe some as sadly, the conversion has not extended to include the perspex ‘bubble’ roof and spotlights, but the owner has added an amusing Tyrannosaurus Rex decal to the inside of the roof lining.

Points for effort.

The first-generation explorer was not produced in right-hand drive and as such was never offered in Australia. Should you wish to add to the current bid of US$8000 (A$11,355), the car would be eligible to import and drive without conversion in most Australian states as it is over 25 years old.

It may not be the most iconic movie car, nor the most faithful reproduction, but when has that evere mattered? Plus, if you’re not a Jurassic Park fan, there’s also a Back To The Future-inspired 1984 Toyota Hilux up for grabs…