In his first interview with Western media, Kia's boss has revealed the company will be relaunching with a focus on EVs.
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Kia CEO Ho-Sung Song is preparing to relaunch the company as it begins rolling out a range of electrified cars.

In an interview with Automotive News, Mr Song revealed the Korean car company would align itself with a younger customer base as it transitions away from traditional combustion powertrains.

It's expected Kia will announce its future product plans in more detail, as well as unveiling a brand-new logo.

Known internally as 'Plan S' – with S meaning 'shift' – the move is designed to pitch the Kia brand as more upmarket, while establishing itself as a leader in the growing electric vehicles segment.

"We want to be more dynamic, stylish and inventive," Mr Song said of the company's future direction.

"We are shifting our business into the future."

Last month Kia announced it would launch seven new electric models by 2027, with the first to be unveiled early next year along with a new logo.

While the new Kia logo was first unearthed in December 2019, details of the brand's relaunch won't be made public until January 2021.