A total of 273 new parts for the NA generation roadster are being made by Mazda.
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Owners of the original Mazda MX-5 (NA) will now find it easier to keep their iconic drop-tops in tip top condition with Mazda revealing it has started manufacturing new replacement parts for the 30-year-old roadster. The catch for Aussies, it’s limited to Europe and the UK for now.

A total of 117 left-hand and 156 right-hand drive parts are being manufactured to original specification by Mazda, albeit using modern materials and technology.

Mazda consulted specialist retailers and Mazda MX-5 fan clubs across Europe and the UK to ensure it produced the parts considered most needed by those restoring or maintaining the original NA MX-5s, quaintly known in the UK by that oh-so-British nomenclature, Mk1 MX-5.

The range includes previously hard-to-find parts, including a newly-developed fabric roof that uses the same rear screen material as the original version. And Enkei Wheels has been commissioned to produce alloy wheels that look identical to the original, but by using modern manufacturing technologies, they will be lighter and more hard-wearing than the original Enkeis.

The new inventory of genuine replacement parts includes interior trims, mechanical components, and even small washers and bolts.

“With the early cars becoming modern classics, it’s great to see so many still being driven and enjoyed,” said Mazda UK’s Steve Ross. “Whether it’s a full restoration or general maintenance, having a ready supply of genuine parts means these cars can continue to be enjoyed for years to come.”

The parts are available to order through Mazda dealerships across the UK and Europe. CarAdvice has reached out to Mazda Australia for comment on whether the program will be expanded to include Australia. We’ll update the story when we find out more.