Toyota Prius MPV revealed

Remember the teaser shot we saw of the upcoming Toyota Prius, with its tag line that read 'The Prius family is getting a whole lot bigger'? It's true, an upcoming Toyota Prius MPV has just been revealed.
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The team at have posted this possibly leaked image of the upcoming Toyota Prius MPV showing all its glory. The car is said to be officially unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January, 2011, but it looks like Toyota has let this one slip a bit earlier.

It's unknown what the car will be called once, and if, it reaches Australia. In some markets it will be called the Toyota Prius Verso while in others, the Toyota Prius Alpha and MPV. Either way, it will contain three-row seating offering room for seven.

Reports say the engine will be the same 1.8-litre hybrid package as the existing model although slightly tweaked to cater for the extra weight. says to expect 103kW of power.