A total of 1751 Subaru vehicles participated in the record-setting parade.
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Subaru of America has broken the record for the largest parade of Subaru vehicles.

The previous world record stood at 549 vehicles, set in 2015. This recent effort saw more than three times that number – 1751 Subarus in total – form a three kilometre parade in Costa Mesa, California, to reset the world record.

The parade was hosted an a safer alternative to the annual 'Subiefest' festival, which is one of the largest gatherings of Subaru enthusiasts in North America.

In lieu of selling tickets to attend the event, Subaru of America instead requested participants to donate a minimum of USD$5 to hunger refiled charity Feeding America.

The money raised by those who participated in the parade will provide 241,800 meals for those in need. Subaru of America has promised to match the crowd's efforts, bringing the total up to 500,000 meals to be provided.

Subaru's latest effort does not make it the outright vehicle parade record holder, however.

That title rests with the Volkswagen Aficionado Club of Brazil, which on May 1, 1995, organised a total of 2728 Volkswagens to form an orderly queue on a race track, just outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil.