An ultra-modern Lamborghini Miura anyone? This is a concept developed by Automóviles Lamborghini Latinoamérica SA, in Mexico and it's the first of such to be created outside Lamborghini's headquarters, with permission.
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It was created by one of Lamborghini's ex-partners in Latin America, known as Latin Lamborghini. It is just a concept of course, but it's a very interesting one as even Lamborghini headquarters in Bologna, Italy, haven't created a new design of the Miura quite as extravagant as this one. The A-pillar extends to the roof and turns into an air intake for the engine compartment at the back.

There's no immediate plans for this to go into production but Latin Lamborghini has been granted permission by the Mexican government to build a range of modern Lamborghinis due to previous partnership deals.