French sports car maker may be getting ready to unveil a raised version of its A110, patent images suggest.
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The Alpine A110 may be about to become a little more adventurous.

According to patent images uncovered by Dutch publication AutoWeek, the sports car brand Alpine is preparing a raised-up, off-road 'safari' version of its A110 sports car.

First revealed in January 2020, the Alpine A110 SportsX showed off its rally-inspired looks as a concept car, with the brand saying it was merely a design exercise at the time.

However, the patent images suggest otherwise, with minor differences between the concept car and the patented version.

While both feature a widened body, raised ride height, and ski racks at the rear, the intakes of the front bumper appear to be different, with horizontal bars differentiating the car from the concept.

Despite the off-road looks, the Alpine A110 SportsX concept car remained rear-wheel driven.

Aftermarket 'safari' builds of sports cars have gained favour in recent years. By far the most popular are off-road versions of older Porsche 911 coupes, with buyers handing over large sums of money for the privilege of driving a softer and more compliant Porsche 911.

Curiously the trend has not yet spilled over to new-car manufacturers, despite the recent dominance of high-riding SUVs.

Renault's Formula One team announced recently it would be rebranding as Alpine F1 – despite only offering a single model for sale – hinting at bigger things for the company.

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