Volkswagen DSG goes seven-speed

Toyota might be talking about an eight-speed auto, but Volkswagen is not far behind with the German brand today announcing its popular DSG automatic gearbox will now be available with seven gears.
Volkswagen DSG goes 7-speed
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With almost 1 million units of the DSG system sold worldwide, there is no doubt the quick and smooth shifting twin-clutch automated manaual transmission has been popular with buyers. The first model to receive the treatment will be the Golf with the 1.4 TSI petrol and 1.9 TDI diesel engines.

Apart from the extra gear, there are some other changes. Firstly, Volkswagen describes it as the first DSG for front-traverse installation. Secondly, the clutches are no longer immersed in oil, they can now run dry, like conventional manual transmission clutch. This increases the amount of torque that can run through the gearbox, now up to 250Nm.

Fuel economy has also improved by 0.7 litres per 100 km over the six-speed DSG.

Volkswagen Australia told CarAdvice the gearbox was under consideration and would be discussed further in the new year.