Audi CR-8 Creventic

Our favourite Audi just got a little bit more special with performance team Creventic releasing this CR-8 edition just in time for Christmas.
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Strictly a race spec vehicle, two CR-8s were prepared to compete in the Dubai 24 hour race early next year and will be available for 'built-to-spec' purchase to customers thereafter.


Improvements include a 90 litre fuel pod, carbon fibre body work, and race-spec sequential gearbox. The factory installed low-gear restrictor has been removed and an extra 10kW added to the engine, bringing the output to 318kW.


Although this is a modest increase, the weight savings gained from the carbon fibre re-work are sure to see a dramatic improvement in R8's already outstanding performance, and if nothing else, you have to agree, it's an awesome looking machine.