Ferrari unveils its 10th V12-powered customer order, turning the heroic 812 into an even more stunning GT car tribute
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Ferrari's beautiful 812 Superfast has been transformed into this, the Omologata, a one-off special.

The Omologata is the 10th special V12 front-engined customer order to be unveiled since the P540 Superfast was delivered to an American buyer in 2009, continuing the tradition of completely transforming a 'regular' Ferrari for the brand's most loyal and well-heeled clients.

CarAdvice has reported on most of Ferrari's customer specials over the years – not all of them V12-powered – with standout examples including the Ayra, the F12 TRS, the SP275 RW, the 458 MM, the SP38 and the P80/C.

As always, this latest Special Project job leaves most of its donor car's surface design behind, with only the windscreen and headlights of the 812 surviving the transformation.

Ferrari says the Omologata project was two years in the making, its creators tasked with exploiting the 812's "potent, mid-front layout".

"The trickiest aspect was striking the ideal balance between expressiveness and restraint: the Omologata had to ooze street presence whilst maintaining a very pure formal language," the company says.

The company says it worked to the clear instructions of its client, while also developing a design that could "easily find its place in any Ferrari showroom".

Powertrain details have not been revealed, but in its standard form, the 812 Superfast is hardly lacking, with a naturally-aspirated 6.5-litre V12 delivering 588kW and 718Nm.

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Below: the 812 Superfast