Recent reports have announced one of Australia's traditional 'Big' icons is apparently going through plans to be transformed into a car museum. The Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast has just been sold to new owners, the Bowden family of Buderim, who want to revive the tourist attraction.
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The family have said they are planning to exhibit their collection of classic Aussie muscle cars in the buildings next to the Pineapple. Chris Bowden recently told ABC Radio,

"Our current plans move along the lines of giving the site a much needed birthday [party] and restoring it back to something I can recall from my childhood."

The heritage-listed main attraction will remain of course as will the famous sundaes, but to attract a wider audience and give international tourists a taste of Australian racing, a large selection of Bathurst-lapping classics will go on permanent display.

Some of the cars that will be included on the stands will be Allan Moffat’s Coca-Cola 302 Trans-Am Mustang, from 1969, as well as the famous Dick Johnson Falcon that was involved in The Rock incident during the 1980 Bathurst 1000.