The grille that launched a thousand tweets
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BMW seems to be making a habit out of releasing controversial new model releases, with its latest reveal – the 2021 M3 sedan and M4 coupe – proving no exception.

After a premature image leak confirmed the cars' contentious coffin-shaped grilles, the official reveal continued to generate plenty of discussion about the bold new look of BMW's answer to the Audi RS4 and RS5, Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and Mercedes-AMG C63.

From the eye-catching shades of Man Green metallic and Sao Paulo Yellow worn by the twin models, to the unusual placement of the number plate and those striking bucket seats, plus, of course, that divisive grille – people had plenty to say about the 2021 M3 and M4.

In fact, one particularly irate BMW fan started an online petition to have the designs changed, which had attracted a grand total of two signatures as of time of publishing.

Below, the funniest and strongest reactions to BMW's latest reveal.

UPDATE: Our buddy Theophilus Chin, for his own kicks, rendered the upcoming new M3 Touring (still can't believe it's finally happening) in a beautiful deep red.

What do you think? Check out his Instagram page here!

Remember when BMW M boss Markus Flasch ruled out M wagons? Cheeky bugger...

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Plus this M3 Touring render from CarAdvice contributor Alex Misoyannis...

...Which borrows the back half of the Alpina B3 Touring – the M3's more visually subdued step-sibling.

And some of our favourite reactions from CarAdvice readers...

"Kids let this be a warning to you. This is what happens to your nostrils when you pick your nose too often." – Lerk

"Im coffin' just lookin' at it." – Deux Ex Machina

"They finally get everything perfect - green, manual, wagon - and then attach a whale shark to the front." – Jimmy James

"Absolutely love. Fantastic grill, it looks so purposeful, so aggressive, like it means business." – exman000

"It's official, 2020 is a truly f---ed up year." – vroom

"Those grills almost make me happy I cannot afford them." – Mike

"We're gonna need to get a bigger number plate :)" – HW

"I saw this car in person and it's a lot more appealing. I liked the grille, it gives the car a more menacing stance on the road." – Charles Aryeh

"The front end looks like an Audi RS wearing a G string." – Lotsofsalt

"Ohh yeah, now i can go for an invigorating walk semi naked in the snow and have somewhere to store my snow shoes...those are for storing snow shoes, aren’t they?" – Matt