Nissan Forum concept

When it comes to sexy people movers, the Honda Odyssey has got the market tied up. Mazda is trying to break the strangle hold with the new CX-9, but some people still prefer the boxy van shape, besides, who said it has to be ugly? Meet the Nissan Forum Concept.
Nissan Forum Concept
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Yes it's a concept, and yes, it probably won't look this cool when/if it goes into production, but if we forget that tiny bit of detail for a second, we can see this car as a further sign that the Japanese giant is preparing for a Mazda-style comeback.

With ‘turntable’ seating, a built-in microwave oven and enough electronic gadgets to keep the kids entertained from Sydney to Brisbane, the Forum is a true family car.

Nissan Forum Concept

Some of the cooler features of the car include Nissan's Around View Monitor (AVM) system which uses four cameras to give a 360 view of the cars surrounding, eliminating potential driveway accidents.

There is also a ‘Kids Cam’ which uses multiple rear-mounted cameras connected to an instrument panel display, concerned parents can get a panoramic view of their kids without having to turn around

Nissan Forum Concept

However it goes just a little too far, Nissan also has a ‘Time Out’ feature built into the entire car, it's called Time out because it's suppose to be activated when the kids start going a little crazy. The system disables all audio playing through the car’s entertainment systems and allows the driver to speak over the interior speakers - basically a PA system from hell.

As for the design, it looks straight out of a high-budget Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster. The front grille will be a hit with the kids.

The Forum concept will be on display at the Detroit Motor Show this January and we will be in Detroit to bring you all the latest débuts and pictures.