In the US, video footage of Ford Mustang drivers exceeding their ability at car meets has a cult following. Here’s the latest instalment.
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Don’t try this at home. While we hate to see any nice car get wrecked, videos of Ford Mustangs crashing have reached cult status in the US.

Usually it’s because the driver has given the V8 a foot-full of throttle, the rear tyres break traction (gee, wonder what happened to the traction control and stability control switches?) and, before you know it, the driver has exceeded his limits and the laws of physics.

Ford Mustang crashes appear to be most common when a driver is leaving a car meet – attempting to show-off in front of friends – but there is also plenty of footage of Mustang drivers behaving badly in normal traffic too.

Sometimes the crashes occur when doing the right thing – racing at a drag strip. Some incidents have occurred when getting a Mustang onto a car trailer.

Is drift culture to blame? Car computer games with no real consequences? Or is the fault of the Fast & The Furious movie franchise?

At least there is one common theme: everyone seems to be blaming everything else except the nut behind the wheel.

So, rather than risk becoming Facebook famous, please take it easy out there kids and look after your car – and others on the road.

Meantime, here are some examples of how not to treat your nice new set of wheels.

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