The mysterious 'Battery Day' is expected to reveal some big news for the electric car maker.
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Mystery continues to surround tonight's 'Battery Day', the much-anticipated Tesla event which will follow the company's annual meeting of stockholders.

Last week Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote "It will be very insane" in response to a Tweet from account Teslarati, regarding claims of a new battery originally published by the website Elektrek.

The report shows leaked photos of what appears to be a new battery cell, which is claimed to be developed by Tesla's in-house 'Roadrunner' battery production project.

Tesla filed a patent in early 2020 for a design resembling the 'biscuit tin' battery shown in the images, leading to speculation the company will reveal the next-generation of battery electric vehicle technology at the aptly-named event.

Earlier this month, Musk tweeted: "Many exciting things will be unveiled on Battery Day 9/22".

Unconfirmed reports on Chinese social media claim Tesla will announce a two million-kilometre battery – exceeding expectations of a million-mile battery – while doubling the energy capacity of current batteries. This means future electric car models could enjoy a significantly increased range with lower weight.

Invitations sent out by the US electric-car specialist used a curious background, which experts think could be an image related to the actual battery technology used.

Silicon nanowire anode batteries are claimed to improve longevity, while providing greater energy density with lower weight – just as the rumours above claim.

In August 2020, Chinese battery maker CATL made a number of announcements regarding new battery technology, claiming to have worked with Tesla to produce cells requiring less cobalt, as well as creating a battery capable of operating for two million kilometres.

If the industry chatter proves to be true, it will mark a significant advancement in the development of electric vehicles.

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