One of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time will be remembered through a new eight-part series on Netflix.
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Online streaming and content behemoth Netflix has announced it will be creating a fictional, eight-episode mini-series based on the life of all-time Formula One great, Ayrton Senna.

The show is being produced by Brazilian television production house Gullane in partnership with the Senna family.

Its starting point will be Senna's career debut in 1981, where he moved to England in order to compete in the Formula Ford 1600 race series.

Not only are the trials and tribulations of motorsport set to be explored. Production house Gullane is also promising to give insight into the life behind the scenes of the F1 great, by focusing on his early life, personality, and family relationships.

In order to add authenticity to the drama, Senna's relatives have granted the film crew access to the places such as his original childhood home, which is located in São Paulo, Brazil.

“It is very special to be able to announce that we will tell the story that only a few people know about him. The Senna family is committed in making this project something totally unique and unprecedented. And no one better than Netflix, that has a global reach, to be our partner,” says a statement by Viviane Senna, sibling of Ayrton Senna, on the Ayrton Senna website.

Production of the series has begun, and is set to launch in 2022.