Since it could be a while until we see the new Z car in production, we couldn't stop ourselves imagining the sporty coupe in a range of colours
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UPDATE: The fans over at (gee, they've really doubled down on the 400Z name!) have created a set of nicely re-coloured examples of the Z Proto, so we've added them to the story below.

September 17: The very special new Nissan Z Proto concept was revealed today, showcased in an especially bright yellow that not only paid tribute to the 240Z and 300ZX that inspired it, but also got tongues wagging.

Many loved the vibrant hue, others declared it the one detail that held the concept back from styling greatness.

To help you imagine the new Z in some more conventional but still lively colours (including a more subdued yellow), we've thrown together some quick colour options – some with the black roof of the concept, some with a colour-matched lid.

Tell us which you prefer, and what colour you'd like to see – and we'll have a go at fulfilling your dreams.

CarAdvice's own efforts

Here's a selection of rear views by Alex Misoyannis