2012 Toyota Yaris pictures leaked?

The Toyota Yaris has now been with us since 2005 and despite its age it's still regularly in the top three best selling light cars in the country (competing with Hyundai Getz and Mazda2). The next generation Yaris is due in 2012 but given that it's sold in other markets as a Toyota Vitz, pictures of the new model have emerged from a brochure printed in Asia.
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The new Toyota "Vitz" is likely to be a good indication as to what the new Yaris will look like. We imagine it will get minor cosmetic changes before it comes to Australia but nonetheless, this is most likely the new Yaris.

Although still some time away, the new Toyota Yaris does look the business with its modernized and more aggressive design. We can't help but notice it has taken some design cues from the Toyota Prius as well (such as the headlights).

The sporty versions you see pictured here are called Toyota Vitz Modellista which are essentially a Yaris with a body kit.

If you're after a light car, the new Nissan Micra is not too far away, or even the current Yaris is a good deal give Toyota's recent announcement of more equipement levels for Yaris and Corolla at no extra cost.

What do you think of the new Toyota Yaris?

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