According to a recent WhatCar report, Saab will employ a new customer experience scheme which will allow owners to watch their cars being built through various stages. The idea involves installing cameras into the assembly plant.
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Saab will apparently begin installing cameras into the Trollhattan plant, in Sweden, in the next few months which will allow customers to watch their cars being built via their home computer or mobile phone. The new customer interaction idea is said to commence in 2011.

Saab says that initially, it will send images of major sections of the cars undergoing dramatic installations - such as the fitting of the engine - as a kind of update tracker, but Saab has said live camera feeds could also be used as well in the future.

It's an interesting idea as I'm sure all owners would love to see how gently, or not, their cars are assembled and what's involved exactly in the process of production. It will also allow owners to keep track of where in the production stage their car is up to and when they can expect delivery.