A report claims the European Union is proposing a new law which would impose even stricter new-car emissions by 2030.
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The European Union may be about to propose even stricter vehicle emissions regulations, according to a report from news outlet Reuters.

A draft of the document, set to be published next week, outlines a plan to halve new-car emissions outputs from their 2021 levels.

From 2021, all new vehicles sold in Europe will have to abide by strict Euro 6d emissions regulations. Despite years of planning, car manufacturers are calling for a delay of the new laws.

The new draft proposal calls for a 50 per cent reduction from the 2021 levels by 2030 – 12.5 per cent more than the European Union's current plan over the same period.

Australia imposes Euro 5 emissions regulations on new cars sold, based on laws first introduced in Europe in 2009.

In August, the Federal Opposition said the Government was "asleep at the wheel", following the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industry's decision to voluntarily introduce greater emissions standards on their own products sold in Australia.