The six-seater all-electric HiPhi X SUV will use your face as the key, and comes with some unique split rear doors.
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The 2021 HiPhi X SUV has been revealed, and it will use facial recognition to open its doors.

Chinese electric vehicle developer HiPhi has announced that its upcoming SUV will not have door handles – instead it will feature a completely automated touch-free entry system.

According to the manufacturer, occupants of the all-new HiPhi X will be able enter the car using either facial recognition technology, a smart key, or their smartphone.

But the doors themselves are also unique, featuring split rear-opening back doors, similar those seen on Rolls Royce models. In addition to this, there are two smaller butterfly doors at the back that lift a section of the roof, improving accessibility.

All six doors utilise ultrasonic sensors to detect potential hazards and adjust the opening angles accordingly, and they can be closed again at the press of a button.

Set to officially debut at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show later this month, the HiPhi X is the brand’s first production car.

It will be offered with two battery options with the range-topping 96 kWh unit providing an official maximum range of 610km. According to the manufacturer it can accelerate from zero to 100km/h in 3.9 seconds.

The project was first unveiled in July 2019 as the HiPhi 1 pre-production concept, with of the engineering is being led by Mark Stanton – previously the head of JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations division.

Still in the final stages of development, the company has pledged it will begin deliveries during 2021.

At present there are no public plans to bring the car to Australia.