It would've been great if Holden decided to bring in the Opel Corsa from Europe instead of the Daewoo sourced Holden Barina. Well, we can only dream. Nonetheless the pain is only worsened by these photos showcasing the Corsa OPC hot hatch getting a performance pack called the Nürburgring edition.
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We are told that the Nürburgring edition will have more power, less weight, better brakes, updated suspension, new wheels and an improved aerodynamics package. For those of you that know you Opels, you can easily tell this version apart from the 'standard' OPC thanks to its dual exhausts mounted on each side (as oppose to a centre-mounted system).

The photographer that took these photos told CarAdvice that not only does it look better than the standard Corsa OPC but it sounds a lot better too.

Dear Holden, please bring this here. Please?

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