Subaru 'FT-86' STI version spy photos

Last week we saw the Toyota FT-86G at the Sydney Motorshow and two hours ago we were handed photos of Subaru's version of the 'FT-86' affordable sports car.
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Toyota and Subaru teamed up to build this car together with most of the performance parts coming in from Subaru, including the engine. This two-door Subaru mule was snapped testing in Europe.

From what we can tell, it must be the STI version, given the big bump on the hood, it's also hard to miss the massive front-mount intercooler for the turbo and the STI look-alike wheels.

If it's the STI version, it will no doubt be sporting a 2.5-litre four-cylinder boxer turbo capable of at least 221kW and a sub-six second 0-100km/h time.

Although unconfirmed, it's very plausible to conclude the Subaru version of the FT-86 will indeed be All-Wheel-Drive. Essentially you will be getting a two-door Impreza STI (yes, we also can't wait to place our orders). Subaru will most likely also release a WRX powered FT86 without the STI treatment and perhaps even a naturally aspirated variant.

The Big T will stick with a rear-wheel drive lightsports car to bring Toyota's image back to life.

The production version of the Toyota and Subaru FT-86G is most likely to see the light of day at the Tokyo Motor Show in December next year, with both models hitting international markets by 2012.

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