I spent a good few hours at QLD Raceway yesterday and whilst I have never held the greatest deal of respect for Honda's, seeing a few of the Integra Type-R/S going around the track at amazing pace was a big eye opener (one of them even had the number plate WRX374 - WRXETA - which stopped being funny once i realized it was true).
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Anyway, here in Australia we have never had our hands on the Civic Type-R. The only Type-R we get is the Integra, which is now called Type-S. Nevertheless, in the UK the Honda Civic Type-R is a readily available car and one hopes with the new upcoming 2007 model, Honda Australia will bring this beautiful hot hatch down under.

The car rides on 18" rims.. yes.. 18, and is set to compete in the hot hatch segment against the likes of the Ford Focus XR-5 (ST) and VolksWagen R32

Honda Civic Type-R 2007

Just look at it! It looks like it came out of a Sci-Fi movie, and whats better? It looks like it came out of a high budget sci-fi movie! I love it.