The Michelin Agilis 3 is said to reduce braking distance and provide greater longevity.
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French tyre maker Michelin has announced the new Agilis 3 commercial tyre for Australia.

Designed for utes, vans, and light trucks, Michelin claims the new tyres reduces braking distances, and provides improved longevity.

The French tyre maker says a set of new Agilis 3 tyres was tested on a Toyota HiAce Commuter and found to reduce braking distance by 5 per cent, when benchmarked against three sets of new tyres from competitors.

When tested with only 2mm of tread left, the Michelin Agilis 3 reduced the HiAce's braking distance by 11 per cent, compared with used tyres from competitors.

Michelin claims the Agilis 3 also offers 25 per cent greater longevity over its competitors, as tested on a Ford Ranger ute.

The new tyres features stone ejectors, sidewall shields, and a focus on wet weather performance.

Tyre sizes range from 13- to 17-inches, for vehicles with load capacities up to 3000kg.

The Michelin Agilis 3 is available to purchase from tyre shops now.