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Did we say '2021 Nissan 400Z'? Better make that 2022 – for its unveiling, that is, and 2023 for an on-sale date. So, 2023 Nissan 400Z it is.

(This is where, if I could, I'd insert an animated GIF of a man shaking his fist at the sky.)

According to the UK's Auto Express, the current 370Z's massive makeover – which will debut a retro-inspired re-skin and, it's reported, a turbo petrol V6 – has been backburnered while the company focuses on refreshing its SUV line-up and introducing more electric vehicles.

Of course, it's hard to begrudge a brand for prioritising its earners and its commitments to meeting emissions targets, and we should be glad anything is being done with the Z at all – even if 2023 will mark 15 years since the 370Z first launched.

If nothing else, we can spend the next couple of years drooling over more and more speculative renderings – many of which are becoming increasingly convincing. One hopes the final design lives up to the images shown here!

For more coverage on the 400Z, and what we can expect from its design and powertrain, hit the links below.

Turns out I can insert an animated GIF...

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