A driver in Germany has had his speeding fine increased because he flipped the bird at the camera.
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A German driver has been handed a whopping €1500 (AUD$2450) fine for a low-range speeding offence in the German town of Kulmbach in Bavaria.

The driver was caught clocked at 81km/h in a 70km/h zone by one of the town’s speed cameras, a low range offence that would normally attract a fine of just €20 (AUD$32).

But, closer inspection of the photo captured by the speed camera soon had Oberfranken Police revising its penalty.

The driver of the BMW can be seen giving the speed camera an internationally recognised gesture of ill-will, aka ‘flipping the bird’.

Revoking his initial €20 penalty notice, the driver was instead summoned to the Kulmbach district court, charged with ‘being insulting in road traffic’.

Not only was the driver handed with a revised €1500 fine, but he’ll also spend time catching public transport after the court suspended his license for one month.

The lesson here? Mind your manners when driving.