Coachbuilt electric hearse revealed for your 'safe, clean, stylish' funeral procession
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Specialist coachbuilders Coleman Milne of the UK and Germany’s BINZ International have revealed their latest creation, a hearse based on the Tesla Model S.

Dubbed the BINZ.E, the all-electric hearse starts life as a Tesla Model S, before being stretched and heightened in order to accommodate coffins.

Neither Coleman Milne or BINZ International quote performance figures – not that anyone needing the services of a hearse is in a hurry.

The Tesla hearse measures in at over 5.8m long (5818mm), almost a metre longer than a regular Model S (4978mm), while its wheelbase of 3800mm shadows the sedan’s 2960mm.

And, at 1720mm tall, the BINZ.E dwarfs its donor car by almost 30cm, the Model S measuring in at 1445mm.

A powered tailgate accesses the electrically extendable loading area, offering easy ingress and egress for your dearly-departed.

The brochure for the BINZ.E states, “Get in. Buckle up. Experience progress every metre of the way. Safe, clean, stylish, the BINZ.E, based on the Tesla Model S, puts innovation on the road. With state-of-the art technology and equipment, the BINZ.E hearse makes a very clear statement: the future drives electric.”

Coleman Milne states on its website the BINZ.E is “ideal for customers operating in Ultra Low Emission and Clean Air Zones”, while also offering the ideal platform for eco-friendly funerals.