The new hard tonneau cover can help provide off-site power for campers, builders, and the next generation of electric pickups.
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An American company is working on a solar-panelled tonneau cover for ute tubs.

Worksport announced the Terravis product is currently in development, and has been designed with future fully-electric pick-ups in mind.

But the solar array can also charge batteries fitted to any vehicle, giving outdoor enthusiasts and builders a way to power their devices when they're off-grid.

If fitted to one of the electric pickups coming from Rivian, Bollinger, Lordstown, or Tesla, the company says the solar panels could provide up to 30 per cent of the charge needed for the average commuter – a daylight top-up, rather than a complete replacement for charging stations.

Both Ford and General Motors have plug-in hybrid pickups in development, which is where this system could really help.

Worksport is developing the product to fit post-2010 American pick-ups, as well as a two kilowatt battery bank, which will also include a portable 'break-away' pack.