Honda has updated its Civic Type R hero, adding new performance and tech features.
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The 2020 Honda Civic Type R has received its mid-life update, with hot hatch's focus remaining firmly on performance.

Suspension, brakes, and cooling have all been reworked on the refreshed Type R, while buyers will also receive the benefit of Honda's LogR data-logging system – however, the extra gear also comes with a price bump of $3,000 over the outgoing model.

The LogR system – first shown on the Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition – allows drivers to monitor a number of performance parameters when paired with a smartphone app.

LogR provides the driver with three main functions: Performance Monitor, which displays vehicle information, Log Mode, which records lap times at the track, and lastly Auto Score, which generates a score based on the smoothness of the driver in everyday conditions.

Power and torque are unchanged, with 228kW and 400Nm coming from the 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder. Thumbing its nose at the competition, the hot Honda hatch is again offered exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission.

Drivers can now put the power to better use, as Honda claims the software in the active dampers system has been updated, resulting in an improved ride and handling.

New rubber bushings in suspension control arms provide greater lateral grip, while low-friction ball-joints have improved steering characteristics.

The Type R receives new two-piece floating front brake discs, coupled with a new brake pad compound that is said to reduce brake fade. The new brakes reportedly lower unsprung weight by 2.3 kilograms.

Honda has also given the brake pedal some attention, reducing the stroke and providing a more immediate feel.

A larger front grille and redesigned radiator has contributed to a 10-degree decrease in engine temperatures in high-load conditions, such as track driving.

Honda says the 13 per cent larger front grille opening meant the Civic Type R suffered from front-end lift at speed. To counter this, a revised air dam mounted under the front bumper has increased downforce.

Styling has seen mild revisions, with minor changes to the front bumper, as well as body-coloured blades on the rear bumper bar.

The revised Civic Type R – which joins the rest of the 2020 Civic range, updated earlier this year – gains a pearlescent Racing Blue exterior colour.

An Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel has been added to the interior, while a new teardrop-style aluminium gear knob replaces the rounder version found on the outgoing Type R.

To ensure the model's much-celebrated shifter feel is maintained, Honda has added a 90g counter-weight to the slimmer gear knob.

The 7.0-inch infotainment screen has also been upgraded and gains a dedicated volume knob. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity are standard.

The new 2020 Honda Civic Type R costs $54,990 plus on-road costs, and goes on sale 1 October 2020.