Toyota has released pricing and specifications for the mainstream HiLux range, but full details on the Rugged-X and Rogue flagship are being kept under wraps.
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UPDATE: The 2021 Toyota HiLux is now on sale in Australia, read our review here.

The 2021 Toyota Rugged X and Rogue have been unveiled ahead of their showroom arrival later this year.

Toyota has also released fresh images and details on the rest of the 2021 HiLux ute range.

As reported by CarAdvice previously, the 2021 Toyota HiLux comes in for significant price rises, as well as a new front bumper and headlights, a more powerful 2.8-litre turbo diesel, while creature comforts include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and a digital speed display across all models.

Every model in the 2021 Toyota HiLux range will get a new nose except the base model tradie version (which historically sells from $24,990 drive-away).

The flagship Rugged X gets new driving light surrounds and garnishes between the headlights and front bumper.

Toyota has also confirmed the popular SR5 model grade will be available in a slightly cheaper cab-chassis form, so tradies and farmers don’t need to replace the style side box.

For the full list of new features on the new 2021 Toyota HiLux range – including locally-tuned suspension – please click here.

For our earlier pricing coverage, please click here or see the table below, released today.

The 2021 Toyota HiLux is due in local showrooms in the coming weeks, however the Rugged X and Rogue are not due until later in the year. Pricing for those models will be announced closer to their showroom arrival date.

2021 Toyota HiLux pricing

4X2 Single Cab (cab chassis)
Workmate, 2.7 P, 5M$23,590
Workmate, 2.7 P, 6A$25,590
Workmate Hi-Rider, 2.4 TD, 6M$28,830
4x2 Extra Cab (pick-up)
SR Hi-Rider, 2.8 TD, 6A$44,210
4x2 Double Cab (pick-up)
Workmate, 2.7 P, 5M$33,070
Workmate, 2.7 P, 6A$35,070
Workmate Hi-Rider, 2.4 TD, 6M$40,160
Workmate Hi-Rider, 2.4 TD, 6A$42,160
SR Hi-Rider, 2.8 TD, 6M$43,230
SR Hi-Rider, 2.8 TD, 6A$45,230
SR5 Hi-Rider, 2.8 TD, 6A$53,690
4x4 Single Cab (cab chassis)
Workmate, 2.4 TD, 6M$39,520
SR, 2.8 TD, 6M$42,590
SR, 2.8 TD, 6A$44,590
4x4 Extra Cab (cab chassis)
Workmate, 2.4 TD, 6A$45,220
SR, 2.8 TD, 6M$46,250
SR, 2.8 TD, 6A$48,250
4x4 Extra Cab (pick-up)
SR5, 2.8 TD, 6A$58,400
4x4 Double Cab (cab chassis)
Workmate, 2.4 TD, 6A$47,290
SR, 2.8 TD, 6M$48,510
SR, 2.8 TD, 6A$50,660
SR5, 2.8 TD, 6A$58,420 (new)
SR5+, 2.8 TD, 6A$60,920 (new)
4x4 Double Cab (pick-up)
Workmate, 2.4 TD, 6M$46,790
Workmate, 2.4 TD, 6A$48,790
SR, 2.8 TD, 6M$50,010
SR+, 2.8 TD, 6M$52,010
SR, 2.8 TD, 6A$52,160
SR+, 2.8 TD, 6A$54,160
SR5, 2.8 TD, 6M$57,920
SR5+, 2.8 TD, 6M$60,420
SR5, 2.8 TD, 6A$59,920
SR5+, 2.8 TD, 6A$62,420