Isuzu says it studying the ‘super-ute’ market but for now there are no plans to introduce a new top-end model.
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Isuzu Ute Australia says it is considering a D-Max rival to the Ford Ranger Raptor, Toyota HiLux Rugged X, and Nissan Navara Warrior ‘super utes’, but says such a model is yet to be confirmed.

The factory-built Ford Ranger Raptor and Australian-developed Nissan Navara Warrior are enjoying better-than-expected sales success.

Toyota has also reported strong uptake of the HiLux Rugged X and Rogue flagship models, which were also developed locally.

However, despite the clear and rapid growth in the top end of the pick-up market – where factory-backed ‘super utes’ cost between $60,000 and $80,000 – Isuzu says it is still studying the concept.

“We see the competitors like (Nissan Navara) Warrior and (Ford Ranger) Raptor (and that) some customers would like those vehicles,” said Isuzu Ute Australia director of sales, marketing and fleet, Mr Koichiro Yoshida.

“We keep on monitoring those demands, and we are also studying if that kind of vehicle is really appreciated by the market or not,” said Yoshida-san.

“Yes we are having that study internally, but at this moment still no clear plan to introduce such a model.”