2011 Nissan Patrol details and images released

Nissan has just released details and images of the all-new Nissan Patrol which will replace the current GU model early next year. The car will also debut at the Australian International Motor Show this weekend.
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The all-new model will continue the heritage of the Nissan Patrol four-wheel drive wagon which originally entered the market back in 1951. The new model comes with a range of brand new features as well as showing off an all-new design - which is sure to stir up some controversy.

Starting with the front, the new model gets a completely new face and underpinnings, with a huge new grille and wide-eyed headlights. Under the bonnet there's also a new 5.6-litre V8 engine. It's a meaty, direction injection petrol unit offering 298kW of power and 560Nm of torque.

Inside the cabin looks very appealing, which is great news as it provides an escape route from getting used to that new exterior design. Offering plenty of room and loads of technology, the all-new interior could be mistaken for a lounge room.

There's a new multi-purpose LCD interface which is integrated into the DVD and audio visuals, which can then be passed onto two rear-facing LCD screens inserted into the backs of the front seats - the central screen also displays navigation information. This package supports a number of components such as iPods and certain game machines.

This entertainment system can also be optioned up to include a Hard Drive based Navigation (HDD) System and a 9.3GB ‘Music Box’. There's also a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to play with inside, which allows the driver to control tyre pressures on the go. Pressure information is also displayed on the central LCD screen.

The new Nissan Patrol is fitted with a Nissan-claimed world first Hydraulic Body Motion Control (HBMC) system. This technology is said to eliminate body roll during cornering to help the outfit maintain a car-like stability on the road.

Aiding off-road comfort and on-road ability is a new fully independent suspension setup, using double wishbones front and rear. CEO of Nissan Motor Co., Australia, Dan Thompson, said in a recent release,

“Not only will the all-new Nissan Patrol appeal to serious off-roaders, but its premium luxury features and technologies make an exceptionally strong case for it in the luxury 4x4 market."

There's also a new seven-speed automatic transmission available, offering a wider range of gear ratios over the existing lineup. The transmission features a variable lockup torque converter too, as well as a transmission fluid warmer aimed at reducing fuel consumption during cold starts. Dan Thompson also said,

“With its all-new chassis, all-new powertrain, all-new drivetrain, and the most luxurious and best-appointed interior yet, the all-new Nissan Patrol will set a new benchmark for the class."

Nissan hasn't confirmed when the new Patrol will be available in Australia yet, although Nissan has said the existing GU generation will continue on the market until definite dates are finalised. As usual, we'll keep you updated.

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