You know the world is changing when Porsche is coming out with hybrid cars. The first of which is the all new Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid which makes use of the German company's ‘Parallel Full Hybrid’ system.
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According to Porsche the hybrid system means a 23 percent improvement on fuel economy (8.2 litres / 100km) whilst also delivering more than adequote power from its supercharged 3.0-litre V6 engine (279kW and 580Nm).

Much like the Toyota Prius, the Cayenne Hybrid can either drive on electric motor or petrol motor seperately (or both together).

Porsche Parallel Full Hybrid Cayennes have a built in computer-controlled separator clutch that can manage power from the seperate motors. The car can also turn its petrol engine completely off when its "sailing" along without the need for accelerator input (at speeds of up to 156km/h).