Nissan is enabling owners of electric cars to pay for parking in Yokohama by feeding their car's battery power back into the grid.
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Nissan Leaf drivers in Japan can now pay for parking with electricity from their vehicle.

The proof-of-concept experiment, at Nissan’s Pavilion exhibition space in Yokohama, allows EV owners to pay for their stay by feeding battery power back into a localised grid.

The Pavilion opened on August 1, 2020, and will run until October 23. It is an arena for the Japanese manufacture to show off new technologies.

“The Pavilion is a place where customers can see, feel, and be inspired by our near-future vision for society and mobility,” said Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida.

“As the world shifts to electric mobility, EVs will be integrated into society in ways that go beyond just transportation.”

Practical implementation of the displayed energy storage and sharing systems is still in its early stages, however Nissan has reportedly entered into agreements with local governments to use their vehicles as mobile battery units during natural disasters.

The Nissan Leaf was launched globally in 2010.

It is priced in Australia from $49,990 (plus on road costs).

Check out the Nissan Pavilion below.