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Toyota FJ Cruiser at 2010 AIMS

With Hummer dead and buried, Toyota is set to bring about the FJ Cruiser, a retro-styled tough off-roader that is certain to turn a lot of heads.
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The car is based on the FJ40 LandCruisers from a good 40-50 years ago, so don't be surprised if the styling isn't full of curves and smooth lines. In fact, that's the whole point, the FJ Cruiser, like the Rukus, is an in your face type of car to help Toyota regain the youth market.

The FJ Cruiser is based on the respected Toyota Prado platform, which means it has serious off-road capability (although we are still not sure if it will be part/full-time four-wheel drive).

Its underpinnings share the independent front suspension as well as the live rear axle setup with the Prado. However as far as exterior design goes, the FJ Cruiser is about as unique as it comes. It also takes the honour of being the only Toyota wearing the superseded TOYOTA badge on the front grille.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is set to make a point, therefore it's available in a whole bunch of vibrant colours, did we mention a white roof is also standard?

It's hard not to see a bit of Hummer in the design, but no doubt being a Toyota the FJ Cruiser will be considerably more reliable and a generally well built car.

Nonetheless, no one is going to buy a FJ Cruiser if it was simply a remake of a 50 year old car. Toyota has added water-repellent fabric on the FJ's seats, the rear gets ‘suicide doors’ as well as a swing-up hinged window for easy access to store large items.

There is currently no confirmation from Toyota as to what engine choices we will get with locally delivers FJ Cruisers. However, given the American FJ Cruisers makes use of the 4.0-litre 178kW 1GR-FE engine, we should be expecting similar options. There is also a possibility of a diesel variant.

The Jeep Wrangler should be worried because if Toyota manages to hit its mark with the FJ Cruiser, there are going to be a lot of previous Jeep owners jumping ship. As for how much you have to part with to get behind the wheel of one of these, start saving as you'll need around $40,000.

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