Renault introduces five-year/200,000km warranty across its range of small, medium and large vans to the end of August. Now to make it a full-time offer.
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Renault has added a five-year/200,000km warranty across its entire van range through to the end of August 2020 – and is aiming to make it a permanent offer beyond that deadline.

The French car maker normally has three-year warranty coverage on its vans, versus five years on its SUVs – though some SUVs currently have seven-year coverage for a limited time.

However, the three-year protection on Renault vans comes up short, compared to the five-year coverage offered by its main rivals: Toyota HiAce, Ford Transit, Hyundai iLoad, and the Volkswagen Transporter.

Renault Australia aftersales director Matthew Wright told an online media forum the company has been working to improve its customer service to delivery drivers who depend on their vehicle and cannot afford time off the road.

The current five-year offer also includes free roadside assistance, providing the vehicle has been serviced within the dealer network.

“Our ultimate intention is for every car in the Renault showroom to be launched with five-year (warranty) as standard,” said Mr Wright.

“We are monitoring the reaction to the offer we announced at the start of the month. So far the response has been very positive.”

When asked when five-year warranty coverage would become a permanent offer on Renault vans – rather than a special promotion – he said: “We do need to work with head office to extend that offer to become permanent (but) we are working towards having every new model we launch come standard with a five year warranty, so at the moment we will continue evaluating while it’s under offer.”

Under Australian Consumer Law, car buyers may still be entitled to free repair work, providing a vehicle has been properly maintained and if it is not “fair and reasonable” for a particular fault to occur at that point in the vehicle’s life.

The strengthened Australian Consumer Law is one of the reasons many car makers have increased their warranty coverage; in many cases, customers are entitled to make a claim – even outside the warranty period – if the fault is deemed to not be normal wear and tear.