A 17-year-old teenager is believed to have stolen the car from a family member, before crashing it.
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A stolen Porsche 911 GT3 was written off by a teenager in the UK earlier this week.

According to a local report, the track-focused sports car belonged to a family member of the 17-year-old boy who crashed it.

The driver, who was arrested at the scene, is now facing one charge of aggravated vehicle taking (among other driving offenses), according to South Wales Police.

The car was found among trees in the small town of Tonyrefail, in the early hours of July 17.

It is understood the teen was not badly injured in the accident.

The Porsche GT3 is powered by a 4.0-litre "flat" six-cylinder engine that produces 368kW and 460Nm.

Pricing in Australia for the 2019 toned-down Touring model started from $326,800 before on-road costs.