Ken Block’s next stunt car is taking shape, according to an image teased by Ford Performance, but who will be behind the wheel?
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UPDATE: Ford has now revealed its drifting Mustang Mach E. Story here.

Is this Ken Block’s next stunt car? A heavily modified Ford Mustang Mach E electric car fitted with wings – and so much power it can smoke all four tyres – has appeared on the official Twitter account of Ford Performance.

The post (pictured below) has tagged Ken Block and US drift king Vaughn Gittin Junior (who normally competes in a V8 Mustang).

It is unclear if the car is being developed for both drivers, or one or the other. Perhaps some kind of showdown between the two is being planned.

Earlier this month, footage appeared of a stripped down Ford Mustang Mach E undergoing a shakedown of some kind while practicing burnouts and drifting (pictured below).

Judging by the large cooling fans and wider tyres it was suspected of being a prototype drift car and possibly Ken Block's next ride.

The footage was taken at a testing facility and appeared to be a staged spy video, given it would have been easy to spot the intruder so close to the track.

However, last month Ken Block’s motorsport division Hoonigan announced his long time buddy and accomplished rally driver Travis Pastrana would be the main man in the next instalment of Gymkhana – driving a Subaru.

Pastrana has appeared in instalment fifth and tenth instalment of the hit drifting series Gymkhana, which has accumulated almost 500 million views across 10 videos in 12 years.

Which leaves us a little confused: if the next Gymkhana has Travis Pastrana driving a Subaru, is Ken Block – who is closely associated with Ford – about to bust out and set up another drifting-style stunt with the same theme?

About what about the “fox body” Ford Mustang being worked on by Ken Block and his team (pictured in digital concept form below)?

Are the “fox body” Ford Mustang and Ford Mustang Mach E stunt cars destined for subsequent instalments of Gymkhana, or some other video series altogether?

Let us know your theories in the comments section below.

UPDATE: Ford has now revealed its drifting Mustang Mach E. Story here.