A British couple returned home from holidays to discover their AMG supercar was stripped of parts, after leaving the vehicle with a valet company.
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A Mercedes-AMG GT coupe has been stripped of its panels after being left with an airport valet car park service.

Jay Tranter and his girlfriend returned to the UK from a Portugal holiday to discover the $300,000 supercar was all but destroyed by thieves.

The British couple had left the vehicle with a valet service at Birmingham airport for five days, at a cost of £52.94 (AU$94.94). Representatives from the valet service met the couple at the airport at 4am on 8 July 2020.

Mr Tranter claims his GPS tracker shows the vehicle was taken to an open gravel car park near the airport – not a secure car park with CCTV as advertised by the company.

"The company has not installed cameras, or additional security, I visited, it’s a shambles of a site, you can walk through the trees to get to any car you like," Tranter said in a public post on his Facebook profile.

The GPS tracking service shows the vehicle was driven for 40 minutes after being picked up by the valet service, despite the unsecured car park being less than six kilometres away from the airport, according to Mr Tranter.

He claims the valet company has stopped responding to calls and emails.

It's estimated around £20,000 (AU$36,000) worth of damage was done to the AMG GT, and it's likely the vehicle will be written-off by Mr Tranter's insurance company.