A German company has begun offering off-road suspension and tyre packages for the Tesla Model 3 electric sedan.
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A Tesla Model 3 electric car has been turned into a ‘faux-wheel-drive’ after a German company fitted off-road suspension and tyres.

The high-riding Tesla Model 3 is able to venture off the beaten track thanks to a 40mm lift kit (35mm from the suspension and 5mm from the taller tyres) that brings the total ground clearance to 180mm.

That figure is not far off the ground clearance for Australia’s best selling SUV, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (190mm) and Toyota RAV4 petrol (195mm).

The conversion was done by German tuning company Delta 4x4, near Munich. The website shows a number of examples of the Tesla Model 3 sedan have been converted.

The company also specialises in enhancing the Volkswagen Amarok and Mercedes X-Class utes, and the Mercedes G Wagen heavy duty four-wheel-drive.

Given the ease with which the conversion appears to have been done, it’s surprising Tesla itself has not considered a high-riding Subaru XV-style version of the Model 3.

In the meantime, the US electric car specialist is rolling out the Tesla Model Y compact SUV in North America.

The Tesla Model Y and its likely arrival timing have not yet been confirmed for Australia.