BMW X5 Australian Federal Police vehicles

BMW has just handed five specially-made BMW X5 security vehicles to the Australian Federal Police. The vehicles are security certified to Vehicle Resistance 4 (VR4), meaning they are bulletproof.
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The five X5s are fitted with BMW's 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine and an array of security features such as bullet-resistant glass, armour 'survival cell' plating and an attack alarm and intercom system.

Although all these features weigh the cars down somewhat, BMW says the cars still offer excellent mobility and agility just like the normal BMW X5 through the use of uprated suspension and braking components.

Stavros Yallouridis, BMW Group Australia Managing Director, said in a recent statement,

"To be truly safe, you need the flexibility, speed and agility to react to any situation which these unique vehicles can offer."

Adding to the car's security is the attention to detail in critical engine component protection, which provides the engine sufficient guarding from bullets and shrapnel whilst under attack, allowing the vehicle to be driven away in such circumstances.

In addition to the car's ultra-safe capacity, the drivers of the cars have all received special security driver education which they undertook at a BMW purpose-built facility in Berlin, Germany.

The five X5s will be used by the AFP to commute Australian and foreign VIPs.