Victoria Police have fined two men for breaching lockdown rules after he and his passenger were allegedly found driving drunk on a tyreless wheel.
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Two men have been fined for breaching COVID lockdown rules when the car they were allegedly driving was found to be missing a tyre, according to Victoria Police.

The front fender and much of the inside wheel arch of the Nissan Pulsar had been damaged by the deteriorated tyre, eventually leaving only the bare alloy wheel to be driven on by the teen.

According to the report, neither occupant knew how to change a flat tyre, leading the driver to continue until the vehicle was inoperable.

The media statement issued by Victoria Police said: "The driver and his passenger, a 22-year-old Ringwood man, both stated it was not their fault that they did not know to change a tyre and blamed society for not teaching them."

The 19-year-old alleged driver has had his licence suspended for 12 months after blowing 0.162 during an alcohol breath test.

Both the driver and his 22-year-old passenger blamed society for failing to teach them how to change a tyre.

Each man was given a $1652 fine for breaching COVID-19 restrictions, with the driver expected to be charged with drink driving offences.