The Nissan badge has adopted a sleeker design to mirror a more efficient driving future.
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The badges on Nissan cars of the future will switch to a sleeker design to reflect the next generation of hi-tech vehicles.

Showrooms will also gradually switch over to the new design over the next few years.

The new Nissan logo will debut on the upcoming Ariya – its first fully electric SUV – due in overseas showrooms next year, before it is rolled out on the rest of the range on new or updated models. (See our Ariya revealed story here.)

According to Nissan the new logo is a “reimagination” for “a new chapter”.

Nissan says the company began working on the new logo in 2017 when senior vice president of global design Alfonso Albaisa set up a design team led by Tsutomu Matsuo, deputy general manager of Nissan’s advanced design department, to “study everything from a subtle evolution to a complete reinvention” – and they came up with a motto of “thin, light and flexible”.

By coincidence the font has a light and sleek theme similar to the revised Volkswagen logo.

The new Nissan logo was also designed so that it could be illuminated on electric vehicles and other future models.

On the Nissan Ariya electric SUV, the logo is lit by 20 tiny LEDs (to signify the number of years since the last logo change).

In digital format, the logo will pulse against a variety of backgrounds. On corporate signage (shown above), the logo will feature in its most lightweight form, without the classic bezel featured on vehicle badging.

The Nissan Ariya is not yet confirmed for Australia, but if it gets the green light for our market it will likely arrive some time in 2022. Nissan dealerships will undergo an overhaul in the meantime.