Browsing for a second-hand runabout, or a jet-powered car designed to shatter land-speed records? Steve Fossett, the guy who originally bought this wingless aeroplane was developing it to reach 800mph (1288km/h), but sadly he died in a plane crash so the speed was never attempted.
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Now though, the car/jet is up for sale and just waiting for someone mad to sit in it and actually run the car on some salt flats to see if it hits the projected speed. The company holding the car is accepting offers above $3 million. The rich buyer will also get a complete garage full of equipment and everything needed to get the car up to supersonic speeds, including a truck which is needed to cart the package around.

Specifications? Well, it uses a General Electric J-79 turbojet engine, also seen in a USAF Phantom II fighter-bomber, which outputs a thrust of 18,400 pounds - or 27,452.8kW - with an afterburner. The package weighs just 4080kg and is said to have the best power-to-weight ratio in its class.

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