A mysterious video has appeared online ahead of the new Range Rover reveal. Is it the real deal or a hoax?
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Mystery surrounds a video of what appears to be the next generation Range Rover revealed in all its opulent glory.

The video appears to be a leaked copy of an official Range Rover promotional video, which reveals everything that opens and shuts on the new model.

The video originally appeared on a Facebook page and runs through such features as rear-hinged 'suicide' doors, translucent infotainment screens, and ample interior storage compartments.

Along with a futuristic look, the video also depicts what are believed to the new front and rear lighting signatures for the vehicle, with more prominent vertical stacking of both LED arrays, with sequence lighting.

However, the video has been taken down less than 24 hours after it appeared, and representatives for Land Rover and Range Rover have so far been unable to confirm or deny its legitimacy.

Fortunately, CarAdvice obtained a copy of the video before it was removed from Facebook.

It is possible the video is an elaborate hoax, however given that it uses high tech graphics and appears to show convincing replicas of the Land Rover logo, it could be the real deal that leaked ahead of its intended debut.

The current generation Range Rover has been on sale since 2012, and a new model is expected some time in 2021.

While the Range Rover has always been a significant model since pioneering luxury SUVs in 1970, sales figures indicate a new model can’t come soon enough for Land Rover.

Against newer competition, official sales figures shows Range Rover chalking up only 112 deliveries for the first half of 2020. That’s 49.3 per cent down on the same period for the previous year, and is losing ground to key competition.

Update: Since looking into the source of the video, Land Rover has told CarAdvice that it is not a genuine or leaked video, and came from a source outside of Land Rover.