An immaculate example of a Honda Civic from the year 2000 has sold for more than twice its new-car price in the US.
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A used Honda Civic has sold for $US50,000 ($AU72,000) in the US despite being 20 years old and having no special history attached to it, showing Japanese cars are quickly increasing in cult and collector status.

In Australia, that would be enough money to buy a brand-new top-of-the-range Honda Civic Type R and have about $20,000 left over in change.

The immaculate example of a year 2000 Honda Civic Si two-door coupe had just 5644 miles on the odometer (9083km).

It was advertised last month on the popular US website Bring A Trailer, reports Business Insider.

The back seats looked like they hadn’t been sat in, and the rest of the car appeared to be in brand-new condition, including the upholstery, windows, and rubber seals.

It is unclear why this particular car fetched so much money – more than twice its original list price of $US17,985 – however it is yet another example of relatively rare Japanese vehicles increasing in appeal among enthusiasts.

This generation Honda Civic came out just before the hit movie The Fast And The Furious (2001), which cemented vehicles like this into modern car culture.

Although the movie glorified highly modified vehicles, cars like the Honda Civic Si were regarded as a starting point for many enthusiasts.

Experts believe the car fetched so much money because it was immaculate and in original condition, rather than loaded with modifications.

It is not known who bought the car and if it will be used as a daily driver, modified, or preserved in its original condition.

Here’s hoping it found a good home. Surely there are plenty of old beat-up Honda Civics that tuners could hack into, rather than destroying this pristine example.