The technology could spell the end of the conventional owner's manual in the glovebox.
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Kia has announced a smartphone app designed to do away with the conventional owner’s manual, and the technology could be introduced here.

The app uses technology that identifies in-car switches “from any angle” with the phone’s camera, then matches them to an index of symbols and warning indicators.

Kia’s app can then provide information and video details about various functions in the vehicle.

The app will be rolled out on new Kia cars globally in the second half of this year with its new models, and Kia Australia says it has expressed interest in the tech.

“It is technology that we are interested in,” a Kia Australia spokesperson told CarAdvice. “We are looking into it to ascertain its suitability for Australia.”

However, Kia Australia says the technology is primarily being developed for Europe for the time being.