Plus, a memorabilia mega-sale, a car for the end of the world and a hilarious viral video.
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When we’re not creating it ourselves, the CarAdvice team spends a lot of time finding and consuming motoring content from all over the world.

Here’s a handful of the photos, articles, videos or social media posts that most caught our eye last week. Some of them are brand new, others have been online for a while.

Enjoy them – just not too much, okay?

1. This German man ordering 27 Tesla Model 3s by accident

There are expensive mistakes and then there's... this story.

A father and son in Germany managed to work up quite the substantial spend by ordering a whopping 27 Model 3 cars from Tesla – totally by accident.

What happened? Well, as the son explained in a Reddit post, the pair encountered some technology issues while ordering the Model 3 via the electric car maker's website.

According to the son, his dad tried to place an order but was told it wasn't processed due to a payment issue. The duo discovered that other buyers were having similar problems, so kept trying to place the order – it failed every time.

When they finally placed an order, they realised that all the preceding 27 attempts had also worked. Meaning they had ordered 28 cars in total, but only required one.

"Then, it hit us like a truck. All 27 times we tried to get through because it 'didn't work', an order was placed but we got no notification. We only found out when logging in with our Tesla-Account on their website. We ordered 27 Teslas. 52k each," the son said.

"Apparently, canceling the order costs 100 euro per car. Even though we won't have to pay 1,4 million, paying 2,7k because the website goofed still sucks. Hopefully they understand what happened and we won't have to pay the 2700 euro."

If this story is giving you the stress sweats, fear not – the son posted this update: "Called Tesla customer support. They cancelled all 28 orders for free and told us to send a new order."

2. This Porsche 900-series type retrospective on Instagram

Our favourite kind of trip down memory lane is one that requires minimal effort on our part – ideally just the scroll of a finger.

As such, we're loving the retrospective currently happening on the Instagram account of Melbourne-based Porsche specialist The PorschaDen Classic.

Realising they had hit 901 posts, the team did what any good Porsche enthusiasts would and began posting photos of the corresponding Porsche-series type numbers.

So far, they've covered everything from the front-engined V8 928 to the 918 hybrid supercar. And at time of publishing, they were up to the 935 and hadn't skipped a beat.

Follow along with the journey here.

3. A museum memorabilia mega-sale

Need a Christmas or birthday present for a car-loving friend, or got some extra savings you're itching to spend?

Possibly one of the best places you could put your hard-earned money is towards a piece history from the closing Binalong Motor Museum near Yass in New South Wales.

Sadly, the museum is closing its doors after three decades to allow its curator, Dr. Stuart Saunders, to pursue other interests.

Happily, however, that means the museum's entire collection is now up for auction online – from vintage Jaguar sales brochures all the way up to extremely collectible classic cars, like this Ferrari 550 Maranello (starting bid $140,000).

Check out the full auction catalogue here and secure a piece of automotive history for your home. We love this picnic set in the form of a footrest:

4. This woman struggling to find her fuel tank

Look. Life is hard. Sometimes the simplest things can be a challenge. And for those who aren't spatially aware – it can be even more difficult.

Take this lady in the United States, for example, who took a solid 10 minutes to locate her car's fuel cap at a petrol station.

A Reddit user captured this woman's struggle on camera and we're not sure what's funnier – her absolute inability to wrap her head around the strategic approach to filling up, or the cameraman's encouraging commentary.

HMC While i try to pump gas from r/holdmycosmo

5. A car for the end of the world

If you progressively feel like the world is going mad and we're on the edge of the apocalypse, first of all, you're not alone and second of all, boy do we have the car for you!

Posted on US-based car-spotting page @lacarspotter_, this is the the Brabus Mercedes G800 6x6 – a modified Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6 that can transport your new furniture purchase as the same time as you escape from a zombie attack.

Weighing almost four tonnes and boasting a V8 engine capable of up to 521kW and 960Nm, this thing is – believe it or not – street legal in the US.

Who wants one?

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Brabus 6x6 U.S. street legal low miles available now.. #wiresonly

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